Addiction and Philosophy

Addiction itself is not a problem – it is the consequence of a problem. The problem may be articulated as follows: man has natural tendencies and longings that may be transformed, misdirected, sublimated, directly expressed, but never eradicated. These tendencies and longings, when thwarted, lead to frustration, helplessness, despair, hopelessness, and pain. This pain is palpable and builds up toward a desperate need for relief. This pain is the result of many things that may be imprecisely called frustrations.


My Natural Right Problem - Expanded

When thinking about the problem of Natural Right, I have to confess that I am only beginning to get a grasp of this problem. As I see it, the fundamental crisis of belief in Natural Right is more radical than just doubts as to what is naturally right or right by nature, but the very existence of any law that is not conventional, based on custom, practice, or tradition, or even arbitrary fiat. This particular articulation of my thoughts regarding the matter must be taken as provisional, since my aim is to get it as good as I possibly can.


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